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HIN Plates

Australian Builders Plate Over 6m

Australian Builders Plate Under 6m

Boat Compliance Plates

HIN (Hull Identification Number)
Required as an identification system on registerable boats.

The HIN is a 15 character unique number fixed in 2 locations to the boat, one on the transom and one in a hidden location known by the manufacturer / importer.

ABP (Australian Builder Plate)
Required on all recreational boats, with some limited exceptions, to provide safety information for the boat user.

The plate carries information regarding number of passengers and load limits, engine capacity if powered by an outboard motor, a buoyancy statement and the measurement standard used to assess the boat. Boats over 6 metres do not require a buoyancy statement

The ABP shall be readily visible to the operator of the boat when getting the boat underway, preferably in the cockpit or near the steering position.

The ABP is required in addition to the HIN plate. It may identify the boat by either HIN number or build date and does not replace the HIN plate.

Include your logo, name and contact details on the plate to promote your business, include variable information to save you time and reduce mistakes.

Metal Sign & Label ABP & HIN plates have the text and graphics embedded into the sapphire hard anodic layer. The plates will resist salt water, outdoor exposure, abrasion, chipping and most industrial solvents and chemicals.

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"Stocked items" include printed blank generic plates suitable for you to engrave or stamp your variable information into. Both ABP & HIN plates are dispatched within 1 or 2 days.
"Create your own plate" allows you to insert online all the variable data required on your plate, including your name and contact details. Look at and approve the artwork before submitting for printing. Please allow up to 10 days before dispatch of your printed plates.

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